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If you would like to know more about our previous work, then feel free to contact us directly and we will do our best (within the limits of our non disclosure agreements) to help.




UKPCDiscussions between Mobidvlp and UKPC began in 2009 and were primarily  focussed around their need to develop a simple application to upload the photos for their PCN issuing system.

After initial exploratory talks, it became evident that Mobidvlp could offer more. And in accordance with UKPC’s mission, to be at the forefront of the Parking Management industry through the deployment of leading edge technology, iWarden was conceived.The application, even though fully operational, is still undergoing developmental improvements and is now linked to their ANPR system further enhancing the capabilities of the Handset and the offering UKPC have.

UKPCUKPC’s exciting new iWarden application offers a mobile phone on-screen ticketing service, thereby ensuring that UK Parking Control continues to lead the way in professional parking solutions.

This latest technical innovation offers real-time ticketing, with time-stamped pictures of offending vehicles. By using this streamlined process, the pictures and the parking charge are immediately uploaded to both our Client Extranet and Pay Charge facility and therefore available to both offender and client.
Permits are a thing of the past as we now have the capability to store your staff and resident’s car registration number.

This enables us to pin-point offending vehicles quickly in addition to effectively managing vehicle overstays. It also supports us in highlighting the driver, not the registered keeper, of the vehicle therefore ensuring that we are demonstrating compliance with the latest driver/keeper legislation.
Additional benefits to our Clients include us being able to track our Wardens by both location and time on premises via GPS which enables us to monitor productivity levels and time and attendance per location/site.
A further benefit of this iWarden service is being able to provide a comprehensive reporting facility to include:

• Number of tickets issued
• Type of offences committed
• Who is using the car park
• Where the users are from
• Frequency of offences committed

ICWMICWM one of the leaders in the Waste Management industry have, since 1997, strived to be the best and the most innovative company in their field.

Part of this strategy involves the improvement of their own internal operations and a reduction of paperwork generated. This is what they were after when they approached us to develop an application to replace their Obstruction Notice system, the remit was to allow staff to operate more efficiently and reduce paper work. Between the two parties we developed an application which surpassed the original specification and has resulted in a product that amazes clients today, both in pre contract discussions and in the field on operational construction sites.

Allowing the on-site managers to use their own Smart Phone they can generate Obstruction Notices on the handset and the information is immediately uploaded to their server. This has resulted in two main benefits. Firstly the reduced time frame of notification to the respective contractors and secondly has resulted in far more efficiency on site with managers spending far less time processing and compiling the Obstruction Notices.

With the Application now fully operational this is an excellent example of technological innovation that has resulted in benefits for all who use it and also those who receive the information generated from it. At the same time complimenting ICWM’s drive towards greener processes it has vastly reduced the amount of paper used.

Airport-guru-logoAs an aid to travellers AirportGuru is second to none, giving information on flights from almost 4000 airports world wide. And the number is growing! Available in two forms, a Free and a Pro it caters for the casual user and occasional flier to the seasoned traveller and also specialist services serving the travel industry.

The  Free version allows users to view arrivals and departures from any chosen airport and also place a “watch” on a flight they are interested in. A “watch” then sends alerts to the users nominated email address of status changes on that flight.

The  Pro version does everything the Free one does with a couple of powerful additions. As well as unlimited access to the flight Data, (the Free version has limitations on the number of times a week it can be used) the Pro version has an “Advanced Find”. This allows you find a flight if you only have certain details available. You may only know the origin of the flight and the airline and roughly when it is due. Another useful feature is the ability to select a route and get a comparative analysis of all the flights on that particular route. The information you receive is sometimes more up to date than the information board at your local airport. This is possible because we can provide information on a flight from the origination airport and the destination. Particularly for the short haul market you get information on when the plane actually took off.




is the revolutionary new way to protect you from spam, bacn, or other unwanted email.  Myemailguru uses innovative technology to stop unwanted emails reaching your inbox by ensuring you need never give out your real email address.

Our service is designed to

Provide you with many temporary email addresses
Protect your real email address from spammers
Eliminate unwanted emails
Allow you to painlessly switch email service providers

How it Works

  1. A person or company wants your email address… but you don’t trust them with it.
  2. Give out a bMail address which you can either invent on the spot or else log in to your Myemailguru account and generate an address there
  3. When mail is sent to this bMail address, we forward it to your real email address
  4. If you reply, the reply will be sent through our servers which once again hide your real email address