About Us


We are a small progressive company built around backgrounds in IT and Project management.

Mobidvlp evolved from the demand in today’s dynamic market place, to provide solutions to clients that are specific to their particular business. We are not driven by the limitations of an existing ‘one size fits all’ platform. Off the shelf applications are “OK” but where we excel is in providing totally unique solutions to satisfy the specific needs of clients.

Drawing on many years of IT and project mangement experience

in the commercial arena, we are acutely sensitive to and in tune with the implications of change in any business large or small. As such we work closely with our client, ensuring that migration to a state of the art mobile platform is a productive and positive experience.

We have formed close working relationships and partnerships with other IT businesses enabling us to provide a fully integrated solution if required. Alternatively we can work directly with your own in house IT experts to ensure our solution is implemented efficiently and effectively.